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Add this to a glass of orange juice to flush nicotine out of your body and help you heal

Are you into baking? If you are, then you must have come across cream of tartar in some recipes. Yet, are you familiar with what this ingredient is? If you wonder if it is same as tartar

Egloo Is An Electricity-Free Heater To Keep Your House Warm For Just A Few Pennies Each Day

Egloo is an ingeniously designed heater that drives away cold in the frosty season and keeps you warm for just a few pennies a day. The terracotta dome heater operates without electricity and employs a simple concept

Galaxy Note 7 Explodes In Hotel Room And Causes Nearly $1,400 Worth Of Damage

In another case of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a man claims that damages racking up to more than $1,800 AUD ($1,383 USD) have been caused when the phone burst into flames in his hotel room.

What Really Distinguishes A Full English Breakfast From Others?

Full English breakfast is one of the old breakfast servings still existing today and you can find it in virtually all modern top-star restaurants and hotels. Although this breakfast is quite popular and easy to prepare, there

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail in Peru is a name, which is widely known among all the keen travelers and keen trekkers around the world. So far it the most celebrated trail in Southern part of America and multiple

Building A Trellis Tunnel And Raised Garden Bed Combination

You are going to love this trellis and raised garden box combo from Weed ‘Em And reap. I adore it! 2-in-1 DIYs are the best! They save time, energy, money, and so much more. And this one

These Fish have Their Own Lookout Tower

Are you familiar with Koi? They are a large, carp-ish fish that is kept for decorative purposes. Originally bred in Japan, they are quite beautiful with bright colors and wonderful patterns. We had four in our water

Who’s robbing you blind? It’s not just hackers – Visa, MasterCard and the banks could have given you a fraud-safe credit card but didn’t

You would think there are some very good reasons to improve the security of credit cards in America: 15 billion and 13.1 million, to be precise. Those are the number of dollars stolen and victims who lost

The big gig: Lady Gaga will perform during Super Bowl halftime show

NEW YORK — It’s official: Lady Gaga will headline the Super Bowl halftime show next year. NFL and Pepsi announced Thursday that the pop star will take the stage on Feb. 5, 2017, for the Pepsi Zero

In Ash we trust: “Ash vs Evil Dead” returns in our darkest hour to save us

Starz’s horror comedy “Ash vs Evil Dead” returns at a fascinating time, when you think about it. The country is ferociously divided along political and cultural lines, tense with fear about what the future holds. The words